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May 2002

Hello, church Fathers and Mothers, sisters, brothers and others,

The CoB Newsletter is in the house. If you don't wish to receive this, just put REMOVE in the subject and reply to sender only. You're on this list because you posted to the Church of Burgertime or you're one of the Founders or a friend of a founder. Or Chef Pepper put you here somehow in all his mysterious munificence.


It's been a couple months since our last newsletter and so many things have happened that pontifex maximus is just spilling over with the joy that only Chef Pepper can bestow. We now have a church MANSE, in the front room at the Bird's Nest in San Francisco. I sit here writing this as subdegree wind pours forth through my opened window that looks out onto the Pacific Ocean. Watching the seagulls and crows fly past reminds me of our last pilgrimage to Red's JavaHouse those many years ago. Amazingly, that Hamburger Mecca survived the dot com boom. It is time for another pilgrimage. More on that later.

What's happening at the Church of Burgertime? A lot of Wholly bolly. Here we go!


NEW CHURCH NEWS----------------------------

--The Letters of the Church of Burgertime have been redesigned for easier navigation and we're overwhelmed with pious joy to welcome the following churches into the body of the CoB:

--Let us welcome into the fold the MAD RAMBLINGS SOMEWHAT RELATED to the church of burgertime, of SHEKKYTHE BASTARD, ST. IGNATIUS PARISH, SAN FRANCISCO wherein he discusses Beef and Baby Jesus and Cash for Christ. Thank you for your bizarre rantings Shekky, you are truly of CHEF.

--TYLER N. NIX, of the church of burgertime, Hudson, NORTH CAROLINA Parish sent us her Burgertime poem, originally published at Yesterday Land. To read her poem of the glory of all that is Burgertime, check out Keep up the faith Tyler and thank you for your beautiful poem!

--Laura Folk was named SUPREME EPISOLĉ CHEF PEPPERARIUS et QUĉ for her LITTERĈ ECCLESIASTICĈ In epistol of the Colloquy of Folk, regarding R'gale NES, PlayStation and Gamecube of the church of burgertime, MASSACHUSETTS PARISH. Her hard work emailing the powers that be to figure out whether there was a Playstation version of Burgertime was above and beyond the call of the church and we welcome her.

--Church Father, J.D. Lowe continued his monthly updates for the PhillyClassics NES Burgertime tournament competitions. He's now referee at Twin Galaxies so we also put the current Burgertime High scores up on that page. Way to go J.D.!

pontifex maximus says BLESSINGS TO ALL OF YOU!!!!

************Would you like pickles on that?****************************


--Hear ye, Hear ye! the CoB was honored to be visited by none other than CK Montana, proprietor of the Unofficial Church of Burgertime. We were given his blessing in the guest book:

"It's great to meet someone else who LOVES burgertime as much as me. You have a great site. I have had much enjoyment from it. Keep up great work. Take Care Keep Building Those Burgers!!! "

This is indeed a great time to be a church of burgertime acolyte!

SPEAKING OF VISITATIONS, pontifex maximus had a vision of none other than CHEF PEPPER who, in his almighty 8 bit wisdom, directly me to make a pilgrimage of my own to the Classic Gaming Expo in Las Vegas this year. To read the pontifical decree, please direct yourself to It was both joyful and bowel shuddering to see CHEF in all his glory. I can only hope and PRAY that you will also, someday, be witness to CHEF IN ALL HIS GLORY. IF you've already seen him, send us a letter for the churches!

UPDATES and ADDITIONS-------------

--RABBINICAL KOSHERIAS began his exploration into In The Beginning. We have the first page up in the letters section. Check it out and send us your ideas.

--We finally finished our ZX Spectrum, Mr. Wimpy research and thanks to a heads up from Hitman, posted links to emulators and a ROM for the game. pontifex maximus says, CHECK IT OUT at

--THE COMPLETE MAME ROM SET is a 4Gig beauty to behold. ALL THE ROMS available for MAME. Brother Kurt and Dark Brother Rick are currently ripping the ROMs to CD. Now that the powers that be have shuttered the Holy DK or the Synod of mod, the CoB has the potential to become a one stop ROM resource, however, in order to remain off the radar, we will keep this MOST HOLY OF RELICS under wraps for now. This has been revealed unto you, the church faithful, only. More to come on what will become of this awesome cosmic responsibility.

********Do you have sweaty nightmares of being chased by hot dogs, egg or pickle? Fear not, for Chef's mighty dropping of the buns will still your tortured soul**********

GUEST BOOK AND WEB STATS----------------------------

We are pleased to be listed on They're a really cool site and pontifex maximus says, check them out!

Our hits total for April and May combined came to around 3000. Of note though are our friends who link to us.

Some of our top referrers (not including search engines) were :



--Technomystic held a Technolounge LAN party at the Bird's Nest in May and what a blast it was. It was an all night affair with a keg, many computers networked, Red Bull and many, many games. The OFFICIAL photos of everyone doing the Chef Salute aren't up yet, but you can view some of the fun on Dark Brother Rick's site at We'll let you know when the rest are uploaded.

--Church members are invited to join Rabbinical Kosherias and pontifex maximus in San Jose, CA this September for the CALIFORNIA EXTREME 9.15.01-9.16.01 @ SAN JOSE CONVENTION CENTER. Their site was down when I was writing this email, but it might be up by the time you get it.

--PILGRIMAGE TO MECCA. Ahhhh, it is time acolytes for a pilgrimage. If you'll be in San Francisco this summer let us know. Come take the Communion of the "Burger is my body and this bud is my blood". Come throw pickles at the birds of prey who threaten us as we eat our HOLY lunch. In these troubled times, there's nothing like a good burger and beer to center us and remind us that CHEF is always with us. Currently we're looking at the Carousel on Sloat in SF and Joe's Cable Car Burger in the Mission.

Give us your suggestions and availability.

--and of course, pontifex maximus will be standing outside the Classic Gaming Expo in Vegas in August dressed as CHEF PEPPER. Stop by if you're in town for that one. Help pontifex maximus spread the good word.

********Send us your stickers and stick up our stickers and stuff for sticking the stuffing of Chef begets karma!!!!*********

LETTERS? PHOTOS? I anyone wants to send us pics of you and your congregation doing the Chef Salute, or wants to send a letter or church page, please do so. Support the church and summer will be warm and fruitful for you and your loved ones.

Wow, that was a lot of ground to cover. Thanks for reading and keep dropping those buns. Send us your ideas and experiences and Photos and remember always:

"A salted Dog does not a single peppered Pickle make."

in CHEF -
pontifex maximus

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