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March 2002

Hello, church Fathers and Mothers and others,

The CoB Newsletter is in the house. If you don't wish to receive this, just put REMOVE in the subject and reply to sender only.


Become one with the dropping of the bun. We have a lot to cover today, please turn off your cell phones while the meeting is going on and for CHEF's sake, take your feet off my desk. If you spill a beer on my keyboard, you're gonna have to replace it. There'll be time enough for counting, when the dealing's done. OK.

Let us begin with reflection upon one question recently posted to the CoB: !!!!!! Did the Egg, Hot Dogs, and Pickle rise to slay Chef because of his greatness? Were they jealous of the light of Chef and the perfection of his burgers? !!!!!

reflect, reflect... meditate, meditate...

I have no idea, but it IS a good question. NOW for the meat.

--Hear ye, Hear ye! the CoB has a new member of our Prophets, Pontifici Eligendo, Camerlengo, Vicars, Pilgrimage sites and other hierarchical Leges.

Cardinal Clericus Incardinatus of the Flashius Secunda see of Macromedia Magnes, The Most Supreme ROBB BRIGGS has created a FLASH VERSION of burgertime. To play, use the link from the Prophets page at

Welcome Cardinal! IN CHEF ARE WE ONE!

--J.D. Lowe posted an alert about Twin Galaxies clearing it's database of almost all Nintendo and Sega related scores. If you can post a high score for the NES, go here for more details. THANKS for the heads up J.D.

We grow ever stronger. Two more churches have joined us:

--Let us welcome into the fold the LegoŠ Logo of the church of burgertime, CHICAGO ILLINOIS PARISH from John Shi-Town. Awesome Lego Chef at

--Let's give a loud hurrah to Pastor Pootie of the Immortal Desktop Parish, who has sent us stickers for download and there are more to come.

pontifex maximus says BLESSINGS TO BOTH OF YOU!!!!

UPDATES and ADDITIONS-------------

pontifex maximus found the Mr. Egg appearance on Futurama Anthology of Interest II that played on 01/06/02. Mr. Egg can be seen descending the stairs from the Space Invader's ship in Burger Medial Ephemera. You'll need the DivX codec to see it. ALL YOU BASE ARE BELONG TO US!

Also, pontifex built a Japanese index page that will be the front for an entire Japanese language site that is in development. You can see it here

AND we found a version of burgertime that was played on the HP49 calculator. The Burgertime Emulator is in history at CRAZY!

RABBINICAL KOSHERIAS and pontifex maximus are also currently working on an "In the Beginning" letter for the church. Look for it at your local supermarket soon next to the sun dried tomatoes and intermixed behind the Hungry Man Burger Soup cans on isle ten. This tome will explore the question at the beginning of this mail. SEE, we're working ON IT!!!!

********Have you seen Chef in your Dreams yet? If so, let us know**********


All the mentions for, Emulation HQ, VG-NETWORK, and MAMEfans have been added to the guest book. Also, our new friend Hitman at alerted us to the ZX Spectrum version of Burgertime called Mr. Wimpy that will be added to the incomplete History pages.

We had some DNS problems since the last news letter but the CoB still cleared 4000 hits in the last month & half. Some of our top referrers (not including search engines) were :


*******Our POPE is BETTER than their POPE. Their pope needs to retire. He's looking pretty tired and what's with wheeling him out for special occasions? For Chef's sake... give the man some rest, set him up in a condo by the beach in Rainberry Bay Retirement Villas, in Boca Raton, Florida or something. Let him hang out a fish or just stare at the ocean or play BINGO for a couple years before he bites it. Oh, and Happy EASTER EVERYONE******


COMMANDER CASEY jive pastor of LOVE, of the SOUTH SAINT LOUIS PARISH and DAVE, RABBINICAL KOSHERIAS of the Grove Street Parish met up with pontifex maximus to toss down some beers in San Francisco last month and to discuss the course our church is taking. They decided that it is time to inject the CoB into the cultural consciousness via the use of a guerrilla urban stickering offensive or the CoB GUSO.

With the original CoB stickers and the new ones from Pastor Pootie, a select few have been plastering Chef's image around San Francisco. We are developing and will release new stickers in April some time and you, the church faithful, are encouraged to create stickers and send them to us and to print them out and spread the word. We discussed "Got Chef?" and "Just CHEF IT" as our next graphic design foray.

--Is not the spreading of the word the least we, the faithful can do?

--For is it not Chef Pepper who's blood is spilled with every horrible pumping of his small green feet as the Dogs tear into him?

--Is it not Chef Pepper who is resurrected over and over again to face the Dog and Egg and Pickle until he has no lives remaining?

--Is it not Chef Pepper who giveth hours of fun with the dropping of the bun?

********Send us your stickers and stick up our stickers and stuff!!!!*********

I anyone wants to send us pics of you and your congregation doing the Chef Salute, or wants to send a letter or church page, please do so. Support the church and happy spring for spring brings May flowers and we ALL know how fun those are.

PLEASE return to your regularly scheduled programming and REMEMBER ALWAYS,

"Yea, though you reside on the lattice of the lettuce of death, no egg can despoil you. For you walk with Chef Pepper, through whom all Burgers are built."

in CHEF -
pontifex maximus

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