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February 2002

Hello, church Fathers and Mothers,

The CoB Newsletter is in the house. If you don't wish to receive this, just put REMOVE in the subject and reply to sender only.

We grow ever stronger. We have a new church that has opened in Amarillo Texas. Reverend Sergi sent us the brochure he uses to influence people to be ONE WITH CHEF. He scanned it and we put it on line at

Also, Commander Casey in St. Louis has started his South Saint Louis Parish. We have truly arrived in the Midwest. Welcome to the fold gentlemen.

pontifex maximus says BLESSINGS TO BOTH OF YOU!!!!

The CoB accepted a banner ad for Leadpipeposters, Jenny's sister's business. The link is on the front page and on the support page.

I've updated the guestbook. pontifex maximus posted to a bunch of forums and was DISSED on one which at first was distressing, but once we put the DISS on the guest book and received two heartening messages from the faithful which made the whole experience worthwhile and very satisfying.

Check out the exchange at

I anyone wants to send me pics of you and your congregation doing the Chef Salute, or wants to send a letter or church page, please do so. We're still getting a bunch of hits.

A hearty CHURCH BLESSING goes out to the Fathers who submitted letters to the Church, namely Hunchbacked Minion Everding for Burgertime Gothic at and J. D. Lowe for his Mad Dash Technique at and Rabbinical Kosherias Dave's philosophical musings at

We grow ever stronger. I also started working again, so this rant isn't a result of me going insane because I don't have a job. ;-)

in CHEF -
pontifex maximus

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