An Incomplete History of Incarnations of Burgertime
by popular request

This is the chronological list our Deacon Elegy at the church of burgertime have Cannonized with the divine prescience of Chef Pepper. All incarnations are listed in the order that they were released. Our divine inspiration may be incorrect because it is divine to be human or something and if you see something out of place, please send the Leges an email. If you would like to research by the groups; Arcade, Home Devices, Handheld or PC and MAME, go here


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1982: Bally-Midway Arcade game
1982: Mattel Electronics LCD Handheld
1982: DECO Arcade game
1982: Bandai Electronics LCD Handheld
1982: Mattel Aquarius Home system
1982: Atari 2600 Home system
1982: IBM PC Home Computer
1982: Apple II Home Computer

1983: Bandai Electronics FL Handheld
1983: Tandy Electronics LCD Handheld
1983: ColecoVision Home system (including Mattel and Coleco versions)
1983: Intellivision Home system
1983: Commodore 64 Home Computer (including Burger Chase, Burgertime 97)

1984: Peter Pepper's Ice Cream Factory Arcade game
1984: Intellivision Home system (Diner)
1984: Texas Instruments Home Computer (including Burger Builder)

1986: Nintendo Entertainment System

1990: Super Burgertime Arcade game (also Deluxe)

1991: Gameboy Deluxe Handheld

1999: Burger Pocket Hambuger Simulation Handheld (and Sony PS version)

2002: Taito Sandwich - Salada- Burgertime Arcade Clone

Beyond: MAME and other incarnations for PC and Mac which includes:
MAME, MESS, MacMAME, Mac Meat Gone bad, BurgerSpace, Burger Time Warp, Cook Race, The Midway Collection 2, various incarnations of Burgertime in Bedrock, articles, reviews, wavs and Nokia burgertime tones.

Arcade Games | Home systems | Handhelds | PC and MAME | Full List of Incarnations

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