Commodore 64 Burgertime 1984

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COMMODORE 64 BURGERTIME Programmed by Lee Braine. The Commodore 64, released by Commodore Business Machines, was an 8-bit computer that had a proprietary operating system and was one of the most successful home computers of all time. It ran BASIC 2.0 and had 64k of memory. It replaced Commodore's earlier popular home computer, the VIC-20. Burgertime was developed for the C64.

Commodore released an Amiga model, the A1000, in 1985. This machine contained the same Motorola 68000 processor as the Apple Macintosh but was a color machine capable of displaying 32 simultaneous colors from a palette of 4096 colors.

There is an interesting and lengthy history of the C64 at The Story of Commodore.

Commodore 64 specifications are:
CPU: 6502
Memory: 64K RAM, 20K ROM
Operating System: ROM BASIC
Input/Output: Cartridge Port; two joystick ports; composite video output; serial bus connector for floppy disk drive, printer, or other peripherals
Resolution: 16 colors, 40 column text

A Commodore 64 emulator and ROM are avaliable at More Commodore 64 ROMs are avaliable at

Game Pictures

Electronic Fun March 1984 (volume 2, #5) Burgertime came in #5 of 50 top games for the Commodore 64

Screen Shots

Burgertime 97, a hack for Commodore availble at in Games "b"

Burger Chase - a Burgertime clone for the Commodore 64. ROM and emulator are avaliable here.


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