Prophets, Pontifici Eligendo, Camerlengo, Vicars, Pilgrimage sites and other hierarchical Leges of the church of burgertime.

Hereby listed by pontifical decree, are the organs, apostates, pilgrimage At luminarium, and prophets of the church of burgertime.

Cardinal Clericus Incardinatus of the Flashius Secunda see of Macromedia Magnes,
The Most Supreme Robb Briggs

The church has long longed for an online Flash version of the game we so love. Through the years there have been attempts by many a great Flash Master to create such, but nothing ever came into fruition until now. The Most Supreme Robb Briggs has completed what none before could, the online flash burgertime and for this, the church of burgertime bestows upon him the title, Cardinal Clericus Incardinatus of the Flashius Secunda see of Macromedia Magnes. At this posting, he was still going to add sound and speed it up a little, but it currently rocks in beta and pontifex maximus hereby decrees that all neophytes should take a pilgrmage to his site at to revel in the joy of burgertime in a browser window.


His perpetual Grooviness and vicar of the UK,
Uncle Clive Sinclair.

Being he who is one that is the miracle of the Incarnation, walking among us as "the seed of the new satire" pertaining to Nintendo, Sega, Xbox, Bill Gates, Wigeru Wiyamoto, Gameboy and others. He is also steeped in the new covenant of the Messianic age, that being of the reinterpretation and continuing MANIFESTATIONS of the INCONIFICATION and teachings that classic games hold for post millinealist theogurgy. Uncle Clive asks us, "Have you SORTED, out all of the jaggies?" And further, is it good? Well, "yes son, its wank."

His reviews inspire and uplift the mind. pontifex maximus says, Check his site out at

All Munificent Prophet of the church of burgertime,
C. Montana

It is so hard in this day and age to come across true people "of the chef". That is why pontifex maximus was so excited to find the Unofficial Burgertime Home page of C. Montana. Montana is an obsessive techno-theurgic prophet of the game and the site includes news, game history, pictures, sounds, technical info, a mame cd label created by C. Montana, links to the commercials, NESFront, message board, and a guestbook.

The Unofficial Burgertime Homepage is hereby declared a magisterium Unam Sanctum site of pilgrimage. All good neophytes should visit the site as a step on the burgertime ladder towards true conversion. Montana is a TRUE prophet of the church of burgertime and pontifex maximus says CHECK IT OUT at

Demi-god and Cardinal Bishop of Burgers, of the twenty-seven suburbicarian levels.
J.D. Lowe, Official Burger Time MAME World Record - 5,648,400

Wow. We here at the church of burgertime are honored to have been contacted by the World Record Holder of the Burgertime high score for MAME. J.D. Lowe is a true Demi-God of the church who makes Hot Dogs, Mr. Egg and the Pickles run screaming from his finesse and skill. He writes strategies and shows a true love and devotion to the game through his hours of squashing the demons with the bun.

pontifex maximus hereby declares that J.D. Lowe has assumed the mantle of HE WHO CAN DROP BUNS FASTER THAN ANY. All Hail the mighty Warrior in whom Chef Pepper is most proud. He is listed in the MAME World Rankings 1997-2001 and he games through the Twin Galaxies Site. In keeping with church doctrine, no person living or not listed as a missing person may be knighted with Sainthood, but J.D. Lowe's works in the interest of the church put him at the front of the line for EGLIGARIOUS PRE-EMPTIVICUS in the Holy Order of the MAME Game. You can check out his gameplay along with tons of other MAME game recordings at
pontifex maximus says ONWARD SAINT J.D. LOWE!

Holy DK or the Synod of mod. - your one-stop arcade rom resource

Evidently the powers that be weren't satisfied with the millions they were already making and saw as big enough drain on their business, so they threatened to sue and doesn't distribute ROMs anymore. It is a sad day for MAME fans, but the guys in Denmark who have put together this database repository have been declared by pontifical decree to be source for all your MAME ROM information needs. They will always be the Synod of mod. Not only do they update their site, but it is comprehensive and it is an easy site to navigate.

pontifex maximus by ECCLESIASTICAL AUTHORITY, hereby declares the mamedk guys as the keeper of the ROM and it is recommended that all pius neophytes make pilgrimage to their site at

WICBODUS, "Collectio arcadicium infortessimo", the vicars of KLOV
Killer List of Video Games

All hail the KLOV keeper for he is the receptacle of knowledge and knowledge will set you free. These holy writings about virtually every game ever created serve to swell our sense of chef and to give us an awareness of the constellation of games from which the church of burgertime evolved. As the pre-eminent resource for arcade games, this site is declared by pontifical proximation to be a "collectio arcadicium infortessimo" and all disciples of the church should read, study and meditate upon the KLOV.

pontifex maximus says check it out at

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