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We get a lot of mail here at the church of burger time. Tech support requests aren't here because hopefully they've been solved with the brand spanking new How to Install the MAME on the ROMs page.


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dec 2001
NTKnow, UK

The Three Tenets were featured in the MEMEPOOL


ceci n'est pas une

"Well, it looks like *somebody's* not getting any this Christmas": ... this week's URL pass-the-parcel: ... disclaimerville, dude: ... too trendy to stock any of ... and they call computer users sad: ... *too* viral marketing?: ...
vs ... vs ... hey, who needs CRYPTO?: ...

pontifex maximus responds:

Uncle Clive is well thought and proper reading and Toad's discourses on the Origin of Original sin leave us dewy eyed. We're honored to be in such good company.

Also, according to Brother Everding's Web Trend, this link brought us over the 5000 hits per month in December. That beats the 4800 from November. We Grow Ever Stronger.

dec 2001
ironicbutterfly, Vancouver Canada
Sub: pseudu-archetype of proto-facsitic imperatives

The paper, Reinventing Social realism: The structuralist paradigm of context in the works of Fellini by C. Jean-Michel la Tournier of the Department of Sociolinguistics, University of California and Stephen U. C. Prinn of the Department of Ontology, University of Illinois reviews the structuralist paradigm of context and posttextual theory and discusses narratives of absurdity. From the paper, "Thus, several theories concerning realism may be found. Posttextual theory holds that academe is part of the rubicon of reality.

It could be said that the subject is interpolated into a realism that includes narrativity as a totality. Sartre uses the term 'the structuralist paradigm of context' to denote not narrative as such, but subnarrative.

Therefore, an abundance of discourses concerning the common ground between sexuality and sexual identity exist. Marx uses the term 'Derridaist reading' to denote the dialectic, and eventually the absurdity, of postpatriarchialist society."

The ensuing forum discussion on includes review of a bogus essay that two French scientists wrote about in response to the missuse by Lacan and Derrida (among others) of mathematical phenomena to prove various positions in their writings. It also includes a lot of people commenting that they don't understand what's going on. And most importantly, ironicbutterfly posted a link to the Three Tenets of Burgertime.
Fark Forums

pontifex maximus responds:
There is nothing "pseudo-archetypical" about Chef Pepper and the dropping of the buns. We believe that Transactiod put it best when they wrote, "In this day and age of persiflage and pedagogic agitprop, there exists no shortage of corpusant leaders and existential zymologists. All of whom propogate the bumptious iconoclast."

Thanks for the link ironicbutterfly. You are a true sage. ;-)

pontifex maximus, dec 2001
the church of burgertime was mentioned on! We grow ever stronger! ONWARD!

Wednesday, December 19th 2001 - Last updated @ 07:51 EST

  • Burgertime - One of the many games I've not been able to finish in MAME yet is BURGERTIME. But that may change soon, as I've found: The Church of Burgertime! Featuring lots of background info on the game and hints, I may finally be able to finish (.ie, get past level 4) this game :) - atila

dec 2001
B-star, prodigy (ether)
Sub: Burger Time thanks

Recently some friends and I took astroll down memory lane and began talking about Burger Time. Imagine my surprise when I found a web site devoted to the game. More surprising were the other games listed here. Reminds me of the countless amount of money I spent at arcades.

Do you know if the ROM's are available for Spy Hunter, Tron (I could not get the ROM on your site to run) and Track and Field?

If not, no need to respond. Thanks for the resource.


pontifex maximus responds:
Thank you Bartt and Allison. the church of burgertime is pleased to provide you with all we know about the game that is burgertime.

You can find the ROMs you seek at

I found Spy Hunter but putting Spy Hunter in the Navigator search box and Track and Field by entering Track. The ROM name is trackfld. To find Tron, search for Tron. There are two ROMs to download. You'll need the newest version of MAME to play these.

Our version of Tron is for the 3.x MAME. You'll need the newer vrsion for the 5.x MAME versions.


nov 2001
siriusdog, sirius (ether)
Sub: Burgertime

Wow. I must commend you on your Tenets. You have truly had a vision of the Chef and all that is burgertime. I don't have a high score, but now I will yearn and practice to find one. All Hail Chef Pepper!

woof in peace.

pontifex maximus responds:
Woof to you too.

Is it not Chef who raises his little arms in frenzied celebration at the completion of each level? So can you be, scooby dooby.

nov 2001
quinn buckner, hotmail
Sub: ROM for Scramble

Your site is great!!! Bugertime used to mean everything.

Another game that was great was Scramble. If you could put that on your site that would be super.

The 80's games rock!


pontifex maximus responds:
Thank you for your kind words! Burgertime means much to many. We are continually amazed at the number of members of the church.

Scramble? One scramble coming up. Get it at the ROMs page in the .55 version section.


nov 2001
quinn buckner, hotmail
Sub: ROM for Scramble

You're the man!!

pontifex maximus responds:
No, you're the man. the MAN. Scramble ample quinn, you mighty arcade musketeer.

Chef is with you!

nov 2001
TotalKoss0, AOL
Sub: Peter Pepper ICF

excellent website! do you think mame will ever emulate that peter pepper ice cream game?

pontifex maximus responds:
Thank you and YES, they have.

You need the new version of MAME (.55) and three ROM files. They are now on the site. Install the new version of MAME and get all 3 ROMs and put them in your ROMs directory. They are at the Holder of the Sacred ROM

Note: when Peter Pepper's Ice Cream Factory first loads, the DECO cassette has to load. This takes about 3 minutes, just like on the arcade games.

Enjoy and ONWARD!

nov 2001
Tad Ludes, goldsheet (ether)
Sub: Burgertime

Once I download the zipped file and unzip it, how do I start the program?

pontifex maximus responds:
Hey Tad,

on your windows 95 - 98 machine, you unzip the MAME files into a subdirectory called MAME (you might have to create this subdirectory).

Once you do that, there should be a file in there called mame32.exe. That is the file you click on to start the arcade emulator. To play burgertime or any of the other games, you need to download the ROM file for that game and put it in the subdirectory in MAME called ROMS. Then when you start mame32.exe, you should see the game there. Just double click on the name of the game and it should start. Use the 1-3 number keys to put coins in, Esc to see the keyboard setup, and the arrow keys to move around. Ctrl is for throwing pepper.

Hope this helps. ENJOY!


nov 2001
Tad Ludes, goldsheet (ether)
Sub: Burgertime
Sorry I bugged you about that...I saw your explicit instructions at the bottom a few minutes later. It's working like a charm and my teenage daughter is stoked to get her beloved Burgertime back!


pontifex maximus responds:
Fantastic, I'm glad to hear such glad tidings.


pontifex maximus, nov 2001
Most Munificent! the church of burgertime was mentioned in the news at We grow ever stronger! ONWARD!

Classic Gaming News
News - November 11, 2001

The Church of Burger Time?
November 11, 2001 15:57 | Blue Lander |

Links to this site have been floating around the forums for a few days now, and it looks like it has just been updated, so I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to make sure everybody gets a chance to check it out. The site in question is: The Church of Burger Time. I don't know if it's a religion or a cult, but so long as Burger Time is involved, sign me up. New sections include:

a guest book
Burger Time commercials
a links page
An Incomplete History of Incarnations of Burger Time

The history section in particular seems to have more information than I ever thought I'd want to know about Burger Time. You'll have to visit to get the full effect of the site, which is actually much creepier than I'm letting on.

nov 2001
part of a forum discussion about the history of burgertime with input from pontifex maximus on the Classic Gaming Forum
Sub: history of the game burgertime

Jorpho, The Screaming Z80

It just occurred to me... I read somewhere recently that fried eggs are actually not an uncommon hamburger item in Japan, thus explaining the origins of Burgertime's yolkèd gorgon. Of course, I wouldn't know if that's definitely true.

Atari Addict, [GSF] Mamma Mia!

I know in his book "Dave Barry Goes To Japan", Dave Barry describes ordering a hamburger which had pieces of corn in it, so that egg story isn't totally inconceivable.

phoenix, A Winner Is Me!

Reading about fried eggs in burgers evokes in me the image of a cross between an Egg McMuffin and a big Mac. Help!!! :P

pontifex maximus responds:
Indeed. The Bluesky site says,

FUN FACT: Many people ask why one of the bad guys in BurgerTime is an egg. The arcade game was developed in Japan where many fast-food restaurants give the popular option of adding a fried egg to your burger.


nov 2001
Samy Saul,
Sub: classic games fan

hi frend, i'm just a fan of classic games and your site is like a miracle for me...i was wonderring if you can provide me with the galaga3 rom...i was an expert on that game and i will enjoy so much playing after 15 years...


pontifex maximus responds:
hey Samy, sorry it took so long to get back to you. I've been touring with the church and writing a new pilgrimage page to be posted as soon as I get my scanner working.

I've found the galaga 3 ROM on MAME dk. For some reason I can't get it to work with the older version of MAME that is on this site. Get the upgraded version and download the ROMS at,. search for galaga 3. that space is important.

Let me know if you can get it working and thank you for the kind words.


nov 2001
Atari Addict, Winnipeg, Canada
Sub: history of the game burgertime

Wow. Your site has more on Burgertime than I could ever possibly want to know, so I doubt anything was left out. Burgertime was actually the third or fourth NES game I ever played, and it drove me nuts. It still drives me nuts.:)

pontifex maximus responds:
Thank you, thank you.

nov 2001
Mike and the Ubertank Bombardiers,

Thank you for bringing the light to me and my brethren. I've been saved by the litany of the most holy Chef Pepper. Misbelievers will surely parish from starvation.

As always, crush your enemies within the sacred bun,

Mike and the Ubertank Bombardiers

pontifex maximus responds:
Well thank you for your most kind email. The infidels know not what they are missing, with the dropping of the buns. You are most wise.

nov 2001
Joe Schlong,
Sub: how about NES and Intellivision?

church, Are you talking about just the MAME? or the arcade version? or NES or Intellivision? How many versions of burger time are there anyway? I'd like to see a history of the game.


pontifex maximus responds:
Hey Joe "Schlong", if that is your real name..

I've been thinking the same thing actually. You've inspired me. I'm currently laid off from my dot com job and I've got time so what the hell, I'll do it. There are so many awesome sites to this game that we love, but there isn't ONE place with all the incarnation of burgertime. We're gonna do it.

pontifex maximus further responds:
It is complete. Check out the Incomplete History of Burgertime. Thanks for the idea Schlong.

oct 2001
J.D. Lowe, Galloway, OH
Sub: Burgertime church

First of all, kick ass site. There needs to be more exposure to the Chef known as Peter Pepper.

I was looking through your guestbook, and I noticed something about " a high score higher than Ken's." Who is this Ken fellow, and what is his high score? I hate to change gears this fast, but I've been working with CK Montana from and I've written the strategies for him, and ever since I've been scouring the Internet for any hidden Burger Time players. If it's possible, I'd like to know what level this Ken fellow got to; from what I've seen, most experts can get to Level 21 and freeze, but I've managed level 27.

Anyway, thank you for your time. Once again, a kick ass site!

J.D. Lowe

pontifex maximus responds:

Thank you for your kind words.

KEN was the first acolyte of the church of burgertime. He is one of the first 5 disciples of chef pepper.

When the ROM is first booted, the Best Five Players High Scores are:

KEN 28000 PTS
H,I 10100 PTS
GON 9400 PTS
H,K 6550 PTS
K,H. 4850 PTS

The following words from the Holy Manual of the Arcade Game of the church of burger time apply today as much as they have throughout the ages:

page 3-4
3. "When playing this game, you are the CHEF's controlling force. It is up to you to direct him through the maze of ladders and platforms to build his Burgers. Your job is to give him guidance while building his Burgers and to keep him away from his pursuers (Eggs, Hot Dogs, and Pickles)"

Tell us more about your journey to the 27th level. You may very well be a prophet of the church. You are obviously someone who is with Chef. Thank you again for your kind words. Can the church link to your strategies?


pontifex maximus further responds:
Wow, you are a demi-god. I saw your record. Can I put you in my list of Prophets, Pontifici Eligendo, Camerlengo, Vicars, Pilgrimage sites and other hierarchical Leges of the church of burgertime?

You are a Demi-god of MAME and the Cardinal Bishop of Burgers, of the twenty-seven suburbicarian levels. Your number will be 5,648,400.

Let me know if that's cool.

oct 2001
J.D. Lowe, Galloway, OH
Sub: Burgertime church
Feel free to list me however you would like. It would be an honor to be listed among the Burger Time bishops.

If I may do some shameless self promotion very quickly, I would like to point out This is the main MAME site that tracks MAME world records. Twin Galaxies sometimes uses this as it's database for MAME games. Talk about some incredible stuff... Also, you can see some other people playing Burger Time, and you can see their strategies.


J.D. Lowe

oct 2001
Sub: burgertime

John, I'm curious if I can get Burger Time (the game) for PC. I used to play it as a kid and now I have kids and I stumbled onto your website. I showed my kids the game screen posted on your website and told them how you play the game they are interested in it. If you could hook me up with a website where I can download Burger Time I would be very appreciative.

Thank You Sir,

pontifex maximus responds:
Hey EG and RG,

If you're talking about a CD where you can install the game on your PC, I don't think that exists. I spent the night looking and the closest thing I've seen is BurgerTime in Bedrock - a Flintstone's spinoff of the game which you can get on

I am certain that if anyone put together a store CD of the game, it would be a great seller. It is a game that speaks to all of us.

For now, you can install the MAME on a PC though, and both that and the BurgerTime ROM are free. You can't legally sell it which is good. It keeps people playing the old school arcade games. If you need some help installing it, let me know.

And thank you for your question. After doing the research I'm now putting together a history page of the game in all its incarnations.


pontifex maximus responds months later:
There IS a version on CD that your can install on your PC. Search the web for Arcade's Greatest Hits: The Midway Collection 2 (Windows 95) - Released 1997


oct 2001
johnnyboy1, geocities
Sub: Regarding Burger Time

Hello and sorry to bother you. I just wondered if you knew where I could get the dip switch settings for the arcade game Burger Time.

I've tried but it's not listed there.

Many thanks, regards, Johnny A.

pontifex maximus responds:

Here is the manual at
Dip switch setting are on page 12. Hope this helps.

There's also a bunch of manuals on ONWARD!

oct 2001
johnnyboy1, geocities
Sub: Regarding Burger Time
>>I thank you John and will look at the link and keep it in my folder, regards, Johnny A :)

pontifex maximus responds:

Also, I just found another site that has information you can probably use. Look under Technical Info.


oct 2001
johnnyboy1, geocities
Sub: Regarding Burger Time
>>You're a true gentleman John. All the best, Johnny.

and thanks Ton! you were the 20th tech support request so I finally got a little motivated and put the instructions on How to Install MAME on the ROMs page.

sep 2001
Ton de Boer, Holland
Sub: Burger Time
Dear John,

Now i have finaly found my old lost game.
Ihave searched for it sinds a Year or so.
I only want to now how i can play it again.
I'm not very handy with computers so if you can in a nerd kind of way.
I have played it about 18 year ago on a Intelvision game computer.
And i played it al the way arond.
If you could help me i'm very thankfull.


pontifex maximus responds:
Hey Ton, The MAME is a Multi Arcade Emulator. If you are running Windows 98 or Windows 95, you can install it.

go to

select the link to MAME for Win95/8 and get Download this on to your computer.

when it is on your computer, use WinZip to Unzip (un compress the file). You should be able to just click on to do this.

Then select Setup and install MAME on your hard drive.

There will be a subdirectory in the MAME directory called ROMS

You then will go to and download the link to Burgertime.

this will download onto your computer

Again, Unzip the file and put it in your MAME/ROMs subdirectory

Then start MAME. You go to the MAME subdirectory and click Mame32.exe. this will launch MAME.

You will see a window with all the games listed. Click on Burger time and it will start.

default controls when the game is running: key:
3 to put in quarters
tab to get to set up screen
1 to start
ctrl to pepper
escape to leave the game.

Let me know if you need anything else.

apr 2001
megabigBLUR, ether
Sub: Thexder
Do you happen to have thexder? it was the first computer game i ever played, when i was about 7 years old in 1980-something

Quotation of the Week:
"I'll take you to the ball, Barbara Manatee!"
--Larry, Phil Vischer's VeggieTales

pontifex maximus responds:
I'm working on it. That's a hard one. Let me know if you find it.

rick the dark brother responds:
Thexder was a PC game, not arcade. It'll be kinda hard to come by, I think. It rocked though.

apr 2001
jessica pearlman, seattle
Sub: Centipede
How about Centipede?

pontifex maximus responds:
I can't find centipede. You can try the following sites.
Let me know if you find it. Thanks.

apr 2001
jessica pearlman, seattle
Sub: Centipede
I found it! It took me a long time. I found four different zip files -- only one of them works for me but I didn't bother trying to figure out which one did the trick, so I am attaching all four here for you.

mar 2001
deborah_l_gabrielson, san francisco
Sub: Re:
Are you providing these games for free? ... By the way - cool list of games!!!! Someone from my era of arcade games!! (What was the name of the one that you tried to block off areas without being zapped by this flying thing? Quix or something?)

Thanks for your help!

pontifex maximus responds:
Quix is a cereal. Qix is the game. On the ROMs page now.

feb 2001
spencer and jackie brown, san francisco
Sub: Joust
Your joust link is not working

pontifex maximus responds:
Fixed Get it at the ROMs.

apr 2007? sent aug 2000
neil howe, ether
Sub: you are a madman
Curiously I found your site through a meandering encounter with a Water-Bug and live sex shows of deadlinked women's names. Curious I feel similar to your experience in some fashion be it by Burgertime a one of three atari game cartridges I had in youth or by the inclusion to a project named organic, or your social manifesto at burning man. I am soon a BFA at SAIC Chicago and take myself generally way to seriously but if you ever need a floor drop us a line. my fuckin site is at

Neil aka chromochaos, Rat in the Maize and Darwin

pontifex maximus responds:
and Howe,
Water-Bug and live sex shows of deadlinked women's names.
nice site. Wreck shit gently and be whole...
I want more. I linked to you from my home.
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