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We get a lot of mail here at the church of burger time. Tech support requests aren't here because hopefully they've been solved with the brand spanking new How to Install the MAME on the ROMs page.


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july 2002
G, cte-eng
Sub: Popeye


I really like your site. Those old great games really take me back! Do you have Popeye available. That was one of the greatest.


pontifex maximus responds:
Hey G,
After some searching using WinMX I was able to find the right combination of zip files. The ROM works, but I couldn't get it to show up in my Games subdirectory as installed in MAME .55. I had to go to all games and launch it from there.

The ROM is up on the ROMs page.

Info about the files that MAME uses is at


june 2002
Sub: BurgerTime ~ Sandwich(TaitoDoBrasil)

Taito Sandwich.

pontifex maximus responds:
Really weird, out of the blue email with no explanation, but it looks like Taito in Brazil may have created a Burgertime Clone called Sandwich. We did some research and put a new page in the Incomplete History of Incarnations of Burgertime

Pontifex says, check it out!

may 2002
Chef Salt, aol
Sub: Classic Gaming Expo

I read that you're going to be in Las Vegas this Year. Looking forward to seeing you. You're really going to dress up like CHEF? That's going to be insane man. They'll put you away for that. Hope your accolytes can put together enough bail. You're a mad man. In Chef!

pontifex maximus responds:
Yes, I, pontifex maximus, who has had my latest VISION OF HE WHO IS CHEF, will be outside in full Chef Pepper regalia, handing out flyers and tracts to spread the word. Rabbiniacal Kosherias Brother Dave has promised to have a bail bond on the ready. Wish me luck and hopefully I'll see you there!

may 2002
Jake Jargo, Austin, TX
Sub: Gaming Updates

Props to you oh Church of Burgertime. Praise be Chef Pepper. I appreciate the gaming updates and high scores mirror from Twin Galaxies. Keep up the good work.

pontifex maximus responds:
Glad to be of service. Look for J.D.'s gaming updates when they come in every month and thanks for the props!

apr 2002
L. Folk, altarex
Sub: Question

Hello I was wondering if Super NES or Nintendo 64 made a "Burgertime"? I have the Atari version and just recently discovered that 8 Bit NES made a version, and was wondering if I had any other options?

Thank You,

pontifex maximus responds:
Thanks for writing Laura.

Nintendo only ported burgertime to the 8 bit system. Here is what Church Father J.D. Lowe said in response to your question--

Nope, although I'm sure it'd rock. Burgertime died temporarily until that Super Burgertime game in the arcades, but they never ported either over to the SNES or higher.

-- J.D.

There was an adapter that plugged into the SNES made by a company called Tri-Star in 1993, but you'd have to find one of these on ebay probably. The model number was F-012 and you can read about that and more add ons to the NES at

You do have other options if you want to collect the hardware. Coleco, Intellivision, Commodore and Texas Instruments all had burgertime, no to mention the PC and Mac versions. You can also download the MAME and the burgertime ROM and play on your computer. For more on the different ports of the game, check out our Incomplete History of Burgertime

Happy Gaming and ONWARD!

pontifex maximus responds month's later.
Thanks to Laura for her tireless efforts finding out if Burgertime was available for Playstation. She has been knighted SUPREME EPISOLæ CHEF PEPPERARIUS et QUæ!

apr 2002
earthpod, aol
Sub: Saw you on the Boards

Great site! Burgertime was my favorite game along with Mario Brothers and you've got alot of it here. Good to see there is a church that keeps the game holy. Also the burgertime restaurant was a great place to eat. IN CHEF!

pontifex maximus responds:
Thank you acolyte. We do what we can in keeping the church up to date and your kind words warm our hearts and make our burgers sizzle.


apr 2002
ckmontana, a small town in Pennsylvania
Sub: Burgertime

Hi there. I have been meaning for months to write you a email.

It's great to meet someone else who LOVES burgertime as much as me. You have a great site. I have had much enjoyment from it. Keep up great work. Take Care Keep Building Those Burgers!!!


pontifex maximus responds:
Wow, ckmontana!

We're glad to hear from you. You're a legend! Thank you so much for the kind words. We're stoked to be in such great company of burgertime fanatics.

Thanks for replying, you are truly "of Chef!" Pontifex maximus says, check out ck's Unofficial Burgertime Homepage where you can find a all things burgertime.

apr 2002
John E H, Vancouver, B.C. Canada
Sub: New Churchgoer

Well, finally a church I will attend !
Having been MAMED a few years ago, I was getting more and more roms, until the "crash of '00" (terminal case of 3-year-old child at keyboard syndrome)then I was romless, my backups being a mess of floppy disks, and old hard drives. Then there was no time for my beloved emulators, the only salvation being a nesticle with 5 games, a zsnes emulator with about 50 games, and a romless genecyst. But recently I have rediscovered the power of ROMs and M.A.M.E., and have happily started my collection again. I was without Burgertime, though. NOW I have it ! ! !
Thank You

¦:- ]
John E H
Vancouver, B.C. Canada

pontifex maximus responds:
We are glad you survived your crash John for it ultimately led you to us in your search for the burgertime ROM. Chef works in wondrous ways. We welcome you to the church of burgertime with our arms up stretched with the JOY of CHEF PEPPER.

Behold to wonder of the ROM and thank you for your mail.

in CHEF!

mar 2002
bagley, Mike, CO
Sub: Dude, crazy burgertime.

Wow, so much burgertime and I read your guest book, three tenets and history. You really know your burgertime. We love it. We're geeks.

Mike and the Classic Arcade Crew

pontifex maximus responds:


Thank you for stopping by, check out the letters of the church and feel free to start you OWN chapter. We'd love to have converts in the great state of Colorado.

march 2002
Chud Message Boards
Sub: church of burgertime

Sewer Chewer Veteran

Posts: 2246
Registered: Aug 2001

posted 03-12-2002 08:11 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for VerbalKint   Click Here to Email VerbalKint     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Oh my god, who wrote The Three Tenets of Burger Time??!

That's one of the funniest things i've EVER read, and I'm printing it out as I type this.

"I'm saying I'm an insect who dreamt he was a man and loved it. But now the dream is over and the insect is awake."

Sewer Chewer Veteran

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posted 03-12-2002 09:14 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for flyers130   

You can download the MOD from many places...Here's the Church of Burger Time link that Tony posted previously...I think they have it there:

If you can't find it, lemme know and I'll dig it up.

But after all these years, it still fucking rocks. Go Chef Go.

*fist pump*

rather than sign up for another message board, pontifex maximus responded in an email to the board threaders thusly:

Hello from Pontifex maximus, figurehead of the church of burgertime.

Our web logs point us to pages that send us links and we have read with much unabashed glee and utter joy, your posts regarding the Three Tenets. Chef is truly with you.

After reading flyer130's posts about the game we so love, we would like to invite him to let us know if he would like to have a link from our site. He is a sage, a saint, a veritable Johnny Apple seed, spreading the word that is of burgertime and Chef Pepper and the dropping of the buns.

We wish you all the best. In Chef are we made complete, and with the 20th anniversary of the game approaching this year, we hope that you will all have a little Chef Pepper in your days. You are blessed in the continuation of your missionary-ism, good work, keeping the game alive and thriving. We grow ever stronger.


-pontifex maximus.

feb 2002
MAMEFans, Argentina
Sub: church of burgertime

lunes, febrero 18

The Church of Burger Time: Un sitio realizado por un devoto de este arcade clásico. No dejen de visitarlo.

pontifex maximus responds:
Cool, South America! MAMEFans is a busy site and sent us quite a few hits. Babelfish translates this as

A site made by devotees of this arcade classic. They do not let visit it.

"Not let visit it" is a bad translation. The link to CoB works, and we're pleased. Gracias por la conexión! Check them out at

feb 2002
shekkythebastard, san francisco

please explain to me what the Church of Burgertime is and how it fits in with the Now Society. is this part of the Mind Control Division?



pontifex maximus responds:
The CoB is so many things to so many people. You'll have to check it out for yourself Mike.

IF you've every played or seen the old arcade game Burgertime, then start here. All will be revealed to you eventually.

feb 2002
shekkythebastard, san francisco further replies

i'm still befuddled.

this all seems to have something with worshiping beef and having sex with red peppers.

somehow, i can relate.



pontifex maximus further responds:
Oh r-e-a-l-l-y. If you know nothing about the CoB then how do you explain THIS picture of you?

We know you have a church of burgertime you're working on. You can't fool us.


feb 2002
shekkythebastard, san francisco further replies

regarding the photograph, i deny the existance of any existinstialism. is what i typed really a word? do people say things like that?!? do most people realize what a curve-ball life is throwing them?

i think not.



pontifex maximus responds:
We look forward to your letter, Shekky, you bastard.

feb 2002
ezazelbunny, ether
Sub: burgerchef

How does this fit in with the church of burgertime? Please research and let me know!!!!!!


pontifex maximus responds:

Hmmm, this is cause for contemplation upon the mysteries of Chef. Burger, Chef, Chef, Burger. We have to say, it looks like an excellent location for a congregation of the church of burgertime to meet.


feb 2002
John Simon, AOL GA
Sub: You are a gentleman

Most holy Pontifex Maximus,

I've read your entire site and I have to say, your church is amazing. The drama, the tenets, the HISTORY of the game. I used to play Burger Time religiously on my Commodore 64 so I can see why there is a church devoted to it. The churches and letters are hilarious, had us ROTFL. You have inspired us and we will be creating a church here in Georgia soon. A down home revivalist church!

Thanks for keeping the spirit of Chef Pepper alive and thriving!

John Simon

pontifex maximus responds:

Excellent Pastor Simon, we always appreciate the feedback of the faithful. This has been a busy month for us here at the church and we look forward to receiving your church into the fold.


feb 2002
Sub: Burgertime

Send news to Roc or CloWn - Discuss in Forums - Help/MAME BoardChat

If you're a believer you might want to check out the " Church of Burgertime " :) Thanks Martin! -KiLLerCloWn-

pontifex maximus responds:

Killer, Clown! We believe in MAMEworld. What an awesome resource. Keep up the good work.

In Chef!

feb 2002
MAME, France
Sub: Burgertime

Posté par Jump le 16/02/2002 @ 16:54

Vous aimez ce fameux jeu d'arcade "Burgertime" ?
Alors allez vite jetez un oeil ici :


pontifex maximus responds:

Merci du lien!

Mai Chef soit avec vous!

feb 2002
Hitman, UK
Sub: Did you forget one ?

Forgive me if i missed it but i couldn't find Mr.Wimpy for the ZX Spectrum on your site. BurgerTime with a new name. Give it a try from World Of Spectrum...


pontifex maximus responds:

Thank you Hitman.

We've done the research and found the ZX Spectrum emulator and zip for Mr. Wimpy. We're working on the page right now. In the meantime, you can find the emulator for the game and the machine here if you need it. - game

and a java emulator to run ZX Spectrum games is at

pontifex maximus further responds:
We had a chance to check out Retro-Remakes. What a cool site. Definately check it out.

pontifex maximus responds months later:
We have updated the Incomplete History of Burgertime. Check it out. Mr. Wimpy and the ZX Spectrum is there.

feb 2002
Sub: church of burgertime on Vintage Gaming Network

I have SEEN the LIGHT! Praise be Lord Burgertime!


pontifex maximus responds:

Thanks Herr Doktor!

feb 2002
Mike Phoenix
Sub: BurgerTIME

We saw your site on Emulation HQ. Burgertime was one of my favorites Arcade and Colecovision games. Good to see there's a resources here. Keep up the good work.

pontifex maximus responds:

Thanks for the mail Mike. Emulation HQ Rocks. They have News, Reviews, Downloads and everything you'd ever need to know about emulation. pontifex maximus says Check it out!

jan 2002
adam m. anklewicz, carbonation
Sub: We are closed now!

pontifex maximus responds:

Oh where is Ray Kaestner?

The church longs to hear his Diner song...

jan 2002
justin case, chicago
Sub: Futurama

I think burgertime was on the last futurama with the What If machine. just wanted to let you know. Great site.

pontifex maximus responds:

Thank you for alerting us. Brother Brian, Hunchbacked Minion of the church of burgertime informed us just last week. According to his review, Mr. Egg makes a brief appearance in one of the scenes. We are currently looking for a rip of the show in RM or avi format. It was S04E03: Anthology of Interest II and played on 01/06/02. Hopefully one of our church faithful will forward it to us if you come across it. Otherwise we'll search the media sharing sources. We look forward to putting it at Medial Ephermera.

In Hypno-vision!

Jan. 2002
pontifex maximus further responds:

We found the 3 second appearance by Mr. Egg on Fox's Futurama. You can enjoy it at the Medial Ephemera pages here

dec 2001
Fragmenta Aus Kalifornien
Sub: Blog fur 16.Dezember 2001

The Church of Burgertime! die vollständigste Seite zu diesem Kult-Videospiel, hab ich noch selbst auf einem Collecovision gespielt...

Folgelink, dort gefunden: die Killer List of Videogames

or the most complete page to this cult video game, have I still on a Collecovision easily...

subsequentlink, there found: the killers cunning OF Videogames

pontifex maximus responds:

danke für das Link und die Art faßt die Kirche von burgertime wächst immer stärker ab.

This is a very cool blogger. pontifex maximus says, check it out.

In Chef!

dec 2001
boogah smalls,
Sub: The Church Of BurgerTime

The Church Of BurgerTime

Drink this beer for it is my blood... Eat this hamburger for it is my body...

Jesus fucking Christ, this is brillant. Upon taking a sick day yesterday I decided to wade thru my inbox this morning when I found a message from skroo. Dear skroo knows of my love for Burgertime. It happens to be the game that puts me in my zen place and makes everything right with the world. I'm not the shit at it - hell most of the time I can't get past level six or above 54,000 points - but out of all the 80's arcade games I love it just the same.

pontifex maximus responds:

We appreciate links from awesome sites. The founding fathers of guerrillanews have something cool going over over there. Check out their site at The church is, as always, glad to be of service.


dec 2001
Sid Berg, ether
Sub: John Bon Jovi

Wow, I found the church of burgertime through the john bon jovi chia head page and I had no idea that such a place existed. I've got to hand it to you, you know your burgertime. Its good to know that there's a place that has Jon Bon Jovi Chia heads AND Burgertime. I'm in heaven.

pontifex maximus responds:

Dear Sid, the church has many roots in the fertile soil of the internet. The Jon Bon Jovi Chia Pet is indeed a great tribute to the man and his music, and a great gift for the holiday giving season. We try to keep up on our burgertime here and we hope you'll come back early and often.

Until then, rock on and ONWARD!


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