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jedidrunkenllama Current News from J.D. Lowe, July 2002

Alright, we skipped a month of updates thanks to a new job (hey, I get to work around video games all the time, selling them to people and talking to them about video games; you can't go wrong!), but we have a brand spanking new update for ya right here!

The Burgertime NES tournament has indeed begun at Twin Galaxies! I still have to type up the rules to it (which is pretty easy rules at least), so if you need to, email me and we'll straighten things out.

I want to congratulate Bryan Wagner for his world record on Arcade Burgertime! He acheived 7,946,800 while at a tournament back in May, and this is the official arcade record! Rumor has it next year there will be 8 million acheived...but by who?

That's all for this update; All's Quiet On The Burgertime Front. Keep your peppers high and your burgers fresh!

- J.D. Lowe

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Twin Galaxies

 Burgertime High Scores as of April 2002

 Game Platform Score Name
 Burgertime Arcade  7,946,800 Bryan Wagner
 Burgertime Atari 2600/default settings  43,600 Stephen Riesenberger
 Burgertime Intellivision/default settings 332,900 Ryan Gavigan
 Burgertime Colecovision/default settings 209,800 Ron Corcoran
 Burgertime MAME/factory default 7,598,950 Jeffrey Lowe
 Burgertime Colecovision/Skill 2 113,750 Ron Corcoran
 Burgertime Colecovision/Skill 4 34,300 Ron Corcoran
News Archive
May 2002

J.D. Lowe here, with your May 2002 Gaming Update!

I wasn't able to make it to the PhillyClassics NES Burgertime tournament, but I was able to talk to a friend who went. The rules that they used were simple: You could do whatever you wanted with the game (except no Game Genie type devices), but you could only play for 2 minutes. The timer started when you first could move, and once you hit the 2 minute mark, the game was over. The highest score was 19,200.

Do not worry, though; this score is not the official world record on NES Burgertime. In fact, just to make sure that we can get a sufficient NES Burgertime score, from June 1 to August 31 I will be running an NES Burgertime competition with Twin Galaxies. That's 3 months to warm up your skills again and prove to the world just how much you rock at one of the greatest games ever made!

Well, this wraps up the Gaming Update. I'll be back in June to let you know what's going on in the world of Burgertime competitions, so keep your eyes peeled!

- J.D.

April 2002

PhillyClassics3 will be holding an NES Burgertime tournament! Since there is still no OFFICIAL record, the highest score at this tournament will be deemed the world record. For more info, check


Things at Twin Galaxies are shifting, with 4 new referees being inducted, including myself! I'll be taking the position of NES, Super NES, Game Boy / Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance referee of the world!

Don't worry, folks, I promise to be fair with any scores you send in, but I do expect to see at least a couple of great NES tapes! :) This won't be made official for a few weeks, though, so hold on to your tapes. Like I said, things are shifting, so everyone's working overtime to make sure that we all have our roles set.

February 2002

Recently, Twin Galaxies has cleared it's database of almost all Nintendo and Sega related scores. This is because both Nintendo Power and Sega of America had bad methods of making sure if a score was legitimate. This means that there is no real Burger Time NES score! I invite all NES Burger Time players to fire up your systems, get a VCR ready, and go for a world record!

Twin Galaxies rules:

1. An emulator can not be used. (that I know of.)
2. You must record the entire game, from start screen to the end of the final life.
3. No game enhancing devices are allowed. (i.e. Game Genie)
3b. There has been a change in the above; you can use the Game Genie if your system is out of shape, and needs the device to help the contacts and connectors of your system. However, you are not allowed to use ANY codes whatsoever.
4. No pauses are allowed. (that I know of.)

I won't be submitting a very good score, because I'm awful at the NES version; therefore, the world record could be yours!

Check out for more details about how to submit a score, and where to submit to. (note: I believe Robert Mruczek is temporarily handling NES scores, so look for information about submitting to him, including contacting him for more info.)

Let the Burger Time NES Battle (BTNESB) begin!

- J.D. Lowe

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